Saturday, July 25, 2009

Job Well Done - A Saturday Haiku

Well, I had such fun yesterday coming up with my little Haiku, that I have decided to try and pen another one today. This one revolves around the feeling I had upon finishing up the radio show last night. This is still done in the Jack Collom style as I am building my way up to the standard Haiku formula.


Job Well Done,
Dreaded Sense Of Self Satisfaction,
Fears Of Complacency

Hmm, I like the sounds of that.
Hoping to have more writing's up later. Currently working on some song lyrics. They aint great but that's exactly why I have to work on them, and if they were total crap I wouldn't even bother so there must be something good about them.

Catch you fiends on the flipside,

Sexy Drugs and Rocky Rolls

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