Thursday, July 23, 2009

Build a little birdhouse in .... your head?

The Origins Of "The Idea Birdhouse"

Many eons ago, when people still used mainly dial-up connections and people were eagerly awaiting the third installment of "The Matrix" trilogy, I was in college. I know, I know. It's hard to believe that someone as innately skilled as myself, would feel the need to appease friends and family alike, and go to college. However, it is true. I once studied Video Production and Manipulation at Mulgrave St.College in Limerick. Our final
project, which was completely optional, I might add, was to create a five minute short, fully scripted, shot, performed and storyboarded. Well, how could i turn down an offer to create a short about my favorite subject matter of all time. Video Games.

Of Games And Gamers

"Gamers" was a five minute short, which I directed, at our abode of 18 Hazelwood, in the summer of 2004, I believe. It starred myself and my cousin, P.J Quinn, as two hardcore video-game nerds basically arguing over a certain "Street Fighter" characters sexuality. A regular Tuesday afternoon in that house, then. It was a pretty straight forward storyline, consisting of, maybe 24 lines of dialogue and about 10-15 shots. Now, I'm gonna be egotistical here and say that the actual shots, editing and direction were "C'est Magnifique"... Much less (Or much more, involving curse words) could be said about the acting and dialogue.

But after the shooting of "Gamers" had wrapped up, the crew, which consisted of Myself, P.J Quinn, Sarah Shanahan, Alexia Wolfe, Andrew Kelly and Niall Ryan, decided to make a 10 minute making of documentary. Hmm, great logic there. Of course, the first person interviewed during the "making of", would be the director, me, Paddy J. Murphy. While taking on the mannerism's of Quentin Tarantino, flailing my hands about and speaking really quickly, I ad-libbed a story about the creative process that lead to the conception of gamers. This story revolved around a Birdhouse. Inside my head. I will try to surmise the basic premise here...

The Idea Birdhouse

"I've always viewed ideas as little birds. They fly around for ages and lose energy before resting in birdhouses inside peoples heads. It's here they feed on insects and such and grow big and strong and fat and eventually have enough strength to continue on their journey. "Gamers" was like a little bird in my head that spent days eating and digesting and growing strong before it finally flew out of my head and onto paper."

It was probably no where near as coherent as that when I originally said it, this was just ripped straight from memory. Well, throughout the rest of the "making of", "The Idea Birdhouse" kept getting referenced. Andrew Kelly, basically reiterated my statement, but started with, "I sometimes think... Paddy's head is like a birdhouse..." and so on. Niall Ryan's role in the making of the movie apparently was, "to open the door and
let in the cats to chase away all these fecking birds!".
It seemed the Idea Birdhouse was a popular idea and people seemed to always get a good laugh out of the story. However up until a few weeks ago I had not given "The Idea Birdhouse" another thought, but then when I begun to get addicted to the Internet, I needed a name for my Blog.

Outro (Fade to Black)

It was then that "The Idea Birdhouse" flew back into my head. That basically brings us to where we are now. I have decided to use this blog as a place that I can dump all the excrement of my mind. Well, that's an attractive mental picture. In all seriousness though, I am going to try and keep the page updated with any manner of writing that I can muster, on a given day. Some days I may not get around to it. Other day's, I could end up writing a full fledged novella and then on some day's you might just get a simple haiku, or song lyrics. Needless to say if you are interested in seeing into "The Idea Birdhouse", please follow me here on blogspot, and add me as a friend over on facebook. First article coming soon...

Thank you for your time Peeps,
Sexy Drugs and Rocky Rolls,


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