Friday, July 24, 2009

Death Through Sleep - A Haiku

Adventures In English

Hey Y'all,
This be my first attempt at a Haiku, or Lune as the english versions of Haiku's are sometimes called. I'm not sure if it's good or what like, but, sure, you people can be the judge of that. This Haiku/Lune is written in the Jack Collom style, which is 3 lines with 3/5/3 words, as opposed to the standard which is 5/7/5 and based on syllables. The Jack Collom style is slightly easier for a newbie, like myself.

Death Through Sleep!

Death Through Sleep,
Rebirth by Ground Coffee Beans,
Rinse and Repeat

Well, that should give you some indication to how I'm feeling today. Ugh. Anyways, Just to let you know I'm back on the radio tonight, live, at 11 O' Clock (GMT) over on Killaloe Radio ,
with my ever beautiful co-host, Paul (Fudgez Jo Momma) Hannan. His blog can be reached right here! Check it out and if your interested, follow him and tell him to cop on and continue posting!

Anyways, Off now to work on a few pieces, including my celtic opus "The Inishtari", which I will hopefully be able to start posting up here soon.

All The Best, My Pretties,
Sexy Drugs and Rocky Rolls,


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