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Rain Fall Down - Day Two In Dusseldorf

Day 2 in Dusseldorf

Rain Fall Down:
From the blog of The Bass and The Kritter...

I write this blog intoxicated on a number of thing's. Primarily, it would be Sake and Kirin beer from the Japanese Ramen place up the street. Secondly it would be the Pocky Stick's, these incredible Japanese snack's we found in a supermarket that Shintaro showed us. I am dripping in sweat, even though the sky's opened about two hour's ago. It was a heavy rain, and although it carried thunder and lightning, the air was still incredibly warm and humid.

Lastly, I am intoxicated by how diverse Dusseldorf is. Since coming here we have enjoyed Italian, Japanese and Korean cuisine and we plan on visiting a german bratwurst house, and a thai restaurant in the next day or two as they are both within walking distance of the hotel. However, we do worry, as Kathy and I, both seem to have found a deep love for the Ramen house, about 10 minute's from the hotel and spent about 3 and a half hour's there drinking sake and Kirin beer tonight. The staff were also insanely helpful, and the food happened to be completely delicious, but it was definitely the sake and beer that tipped us over the edge.

We awoke this morning, on the 07/08/2009, early at the bright hour of 9.00 a.m and headed downstair's to eat our complimentary breakfast. Kathy loved it, however, I was left a little hungry as egg's, yoghurt and cereal wouldn't exactly be my bag, per se. We left the hotel at about 10:30, and proceeded down to Central Station, where we indulged in super large coffee's and some sweet cheesecake and cookies, courtesy of starbuck's. Sweet.

We then went to the Ramen house in the Japanese district, where we were to meet Shintaro at 12 noon. Shintaro was on time, and showed us through the Ramen menu, where we ordered some incredible food. I got Oro-Chon Ramen, which happened to be really spicy, and very, very tasty. Kathy had a Ramen-Seafood concoction, and also thoroughly enjoyed the meal. After this, Shin took us on a trip through Old-Town, where we got to indulge in many of the sight's, including some amazing Churches and some other fantastic architecture.

We inevitably strayed into some brewery's where we got to sample some more of Dusseldorf's famous AltBiers. In particular, we enjoyed the biere at Fuscshen Brewery. Very nice beer, that had the complexity of white beer, like Erdinger, but the hard hitting punch of pils, like Kromabcher. I was very enamoured with it anyhow! After some sampling, Shintaro showed us to the KD docks, where we found a timetable for the Schiffe-(Boats) Tomorrow, so will have more info on that then. He also took us to Eis Cafe Piu, which is one of the most famous place's in Germany for Ice-Cream and upon eating it I can safely see why. I had raspberry and banana, in a cone, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth the long wait in the queue.

We had to part way's with Shin at about half four as he had a meeting to get to, so we came back to the hotel, rested up, changed, showered and continued on out merry way. This time we found a nice Korean restaurant called Arirang, right around the corner from our hotel. I simply adored the Bibimbap that I ordered, however the non-alcoholic beer we got was none too pleasant and we had to quickly change our drink order to “zwei Krombacher”.

We spent about an hour and a half exploring the town before finding ourselves back at central station, where we sampled some premier German Bratwurst. Kat had the regular variety, whereas I had to be different and have a curry Bratwurst. I would recommend it to anyone, it was such a fruity curry and the meat was tender and very juicy. Yum Yum! Ha ha!

We finished up the evening back at the ramen house, where we met Shintaro that morning. However, the sky's had opened and we found ourselve's changing our seat's to avoid the shower. We spent the evening drinking Sake, Kirin beer and we even tried some more side-dishe's. Myself and Kathy spent the time talking and in that time realised that in all the time that we have been together this was one of the first time's we have ever gotten to feel like kid's going out on a date. It was an absolutely delightful evening. Rain and all.

We shall have more tomorrow, Now however it is 11:29 P.M and i must hit the hay as we venture down the Rhein tomorrow and that shall be quite an adventure.

Sexy Drugs and Sausage Rolls,

P.Bass and K.Critter

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